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澳新银行成都全球运营中心2015校园招聘 宣讲会_四川校园招聘

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澳新银行成都全球运营中心2015校园招聘 宣讲会_四川校园招聘 ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) has a history that we can be proud of. For 179 years, we have evolved and adapted to the needs of the times. 澳新银行(澳大利亚和新西兰银行集团有限公司)拥有超过179年的傲人历史,我们应时所需,应需所变。 We are one of the four largest banks in Australia, and the largest bank in New Zealand. The headquarters of ANZ is located in Melbourne. We have presence in 33 countries globally - Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and USA. We provide a range of banking and financial products and services to around 9 million customers. We employ around 49,000 people worldwide. 我们是澳洲四大银行之一,也是新西兰的银行。澳新银行的总部设在墨尔本。我们在全球33个国家和地区开展业务,包括澳大利亚、新西兰、太平洋地区、亚洲、中东、欧洲和美国。我们为全球超过900万客户提供多种银行和金融产品及服务,并在全球拥有超过49000名雇员。 ANZ has more than 25 years presence in China and is one of Australia s largest investors in China, including successful partnerships with the Bank of Tianjin and the Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank. 澳新银行进入中国已有超过25年的时间,是澳洲的在华投资机构。澳新银行也与天津银行,上海农商行建立了战略合作伙伴关系。 Now ANZ has branch network of nine outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Chengdu. ANZ also became the only Australian bank fully licensed to offer a wide range of banking services in foreign and local currency for Corporate and Retail customers in China. 目前,澳新银行在北京、上海、广州、重庆、杭州和成都拥有9家分支行。澳新银行也是一家可以提供全面外币和人民币服务的在华澳洲银行。 ANZ opened the Chengdu Hub in February 2011. The Chengdu Hub is part of the ANZ Global Technology Services and Operations (GTSO) Division, and is one of four Group Hubs located in Bangalore, Chengdu, Manila, and Suva. The Chengdu Hub will support our continued expansion and growth in China as well as our super regional strategy. 澳新银行于2011年在成都设立全球运营中心,作为澳新银行集团四大离岸运营中心之一,与班加罗尔、马尼拉、斐济运营中心相辅相成,以支持澳新银行在中国及全球的业务扩张和澳新银行 卓越区域银行 的全球战略。 ANZ is also the first and the only foreign bank to have global operation centre in Chengdu. The Chengdu Hub currently has nearly 300 employees and provides various types of services to Australia, New Zealand, and Asia pacific regions in terms of banking back office operations, financial reporting and analysis, risk modelling, as well as various types of technology delivery services. 澳新银行是家,也是目前一家在成都设立全球运营中心的外资银行。成都全球运营中心目前拥有近300名员工,为澳新银行在澳大利亚、新西兰和亚太地区的业务提供后台交易操作、财务分析报告、风险建模、各类IT技术开发和交付服务。 We connect you to your world of opportunity! Schedule 校园招聘行程 Role purpose: This role is primarily providing various types of IT software development, maintainness, system support, and delivery services to different ANZ banking systems and IT products. 工作职责: 该职位主要为澳新银行不同的IT系统和IT产品提供软件开发、维护、系统支持等一系列交付服务。 Requirement: 1. 2015 fresh graduate, bachelor and above degree 2. Major in computer science and technology, software engineering, mainframe, etc. related 3. Good at one of C, C , C#, Java, Java Script, COBOL, JCL programming languages, related databases like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2,VSAM or etc. 4. Good command of English skills in both speaking and writing 5. Good communication skills, and team work spirit 6. Adaptable, fast learner 任职要求: 1. 2015应届毕业生,本科及以上学历。 2. 计算机科学与技术、软件工程,大型主机等相关专业毕业。 3. 擅长C, C , C#, Java, Java Script, COBOL, JCL等任意一种编程语言,以及SQL Server, Oracle, DB2,VSAM任意一种数据库。 4. 良好的英语沟通及书面表达能力。 5. 良好的沟通能力,富有团队精神。 6. 良好的学习能力、灵活性。 Job title: Operations Assistant Officer (7人) 职位:助理运营专员 Role purpose: This role is primarily providing the bank back office operations services per required timeframes and SLA which includes accounts services, payments, loan, reconciliation, etc. 工作职责: 该职位主要提供银行后台操作服务,并满足内部客户在时间和服务标准上的要求。后台操作服务包括账户服务、支付结算、贷款操作、对账服务等。 Requirement: 1. 2015 fresh graduate, bachelor degree 2. Major in economics, finance, English, or related 3. Good command of English skills in both speaking and writing 4. Good communication skills, and team work spirit 5. Adaptable, fast learner, and good sense of customer awareness 任职要求: 1. 2015应届毕业生,本科学历。 2. 经济学、金融学、英语或相关专业。 3. 良好的英语沟通及书面表达能力。 4. 良好的沟通能力,富有团队精神。 5. 良好的学习能力、灵活性和客户服务意识。 Compensation Benefits ANZ will provide you with a comprehensive compensation package, which includes: 澳新银行将提供富有竞争力的全面薪酬福利,包括: - International working environment and career path 国际化的工作环境和职业发展路径 - Banking domain knowledge 银行专业领域知识 - Sorts of trainings in languages, soft skills and technical 丰富的员工培训:外语培训、能力培训、技术培训 - Annual basic salary - Short term incentive 短期激励计划 - Social security and housing fund - Commercial insurance 补充商业保险 - Employee share offer 员工持股计划 - Annual physical exam 年度免费体检 - Sorts of employee activities 各类员工活动 - 15 days paid annual leave 15天带薪年休假 - 12 days annual sick leave 12天带薪病假 - 1 day birthday leave 1天生日假 - 1 day volunteer day 1天志愿者工作日 How to apply 1. Please visit www.51job.com校园招聘 and Operations Assistant Officer 2015 校园招聘 , and apply for it online directly., go to Chengdu station , search ANZ s roles Developer 2015 请登录www.51job.com进入 成都站 ,搜索ANZ相关职位 Developer 2015 校园招聘 and Operations Assistant Officer 2015 校园招聘 ,,并在线直接进行简历投递申请。, 2. Or send your resume (both English Chinese version) to chengdur1@anz.com directly. 或者直接将您的中英文简历投递至澳新银行招聘邮箱:chengdur1@anz.com Welcome to join ANZ! 澳新银行,期待您的加入! 305dqy 附件: 无 相关招聘信息: 澳新银行成都全球运营中心招聘信息(2014年9月) 【关闭本页】 福州升达报价